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Lactose Tolerance
Lactose Tolerance 5 саат мурун
Fanmade literality of the lyrics tier of quality
tzetzo 5 саат мурун
I knew it was going to be bad, but this looks awful 👎🤮
Jean-Pierre Martinez
Jean-Pierre Martinez 5 саат мурун
Noushad Mia
Noushad Mia 5 саат мурун
Its like Nolan's movie
Raaj Sekhar KaRaNam
Raaj Sekhar KaRaNam 5 саат мурун
Ok understood- go back and watch Matrix again and be ready for this.
Todd Garver
Todd Garver 5 саат мурун
The trailer is very misleading. You'd think this was another Conjuring spin off at first glance, but it's so much better than that.
Ed Slushie
Ed Slushie 5 саат мурун
I’m distracted by how not-distracting the color grade is… it’s like they took the green from the other movies and separated it into blue and yellow.
Jeroen Brosens
Jeroen Brosens 5 саат мурун
I hear Pink Floyd in the end!!
riz devo
riz devo 5 саат мурун
After the last movie machine put him in the Matrix world as John Wick.
We The North
We The North 6 саат мурун
This is awesomeness!
GemaCryBaby 6 саат мурун
auronplay :v quien viene ? kjajskas
William 6 саат мурун
This will be awesomee
RogerSimons 6 саат мурун
The rain code is back.
Randoms. 6 саат мурун
Its 2021 still epiccc , best cgi movie everrr
Tim Southall
Tim Southall 6 саат мурун
Looks dead
Hades, God of the Underworld
Hades, God of the Underworld 6 саат мурун
7 years later, it's still amazing.
Jay Ford
Jay Ford 6 саат мурун
They’re making a killing off KGglobal’ views huh?
MCH 6 саат мурун
I don't like the change of Lola Bunny
Sujal Gotharwal
Sujal Gotharwal 6 саат мурун
Where i can the watch the matrix revolution part for free, Someone please.
Joe Smoke
Joe Smoke 6 саат мурун
Great way to ruin a perfect trilogy. Keanu the sellout
John Vick
John Vick 6 саат мурун
Can anyone explain this trailer?
Christophe Capeau
Christophe Capeau 6 саат мурун
lets hope they don't ruin it, this one is going to be difficult to live up to the expectations.
jeff alver
jeff alver 6 саат мурун
I thought this movie would your typical horror movie, but when that plot twist came out, damnnmmmmnnnn.,,
Lloyd 6 саат мурун
Why does it look like John wick just entered the Matrix? What happened to smooth fresh face polished Neo?
Aakash Rathi
Aakash Rathi 6 саат мурун
0:51 the one pill making us small (smartphone) aptly showcased wow
Some Body
Some Body 6 саат мурун
Nothing gets the hypometer going than easter eggs!
Pete Larose
Pete Larose 6 саат мурун
Christ is the Only Way to heaven.
Some Body
Some Body 6 саат мурун
Matrix 4..Trip down memory lane.
Class77 6 саат мурун
Sorry, but the gender ideology and progressivism in this movie is repulsive. People want to see a movie, not a political speech. Also this trailer seems made by a fanmade.
Some Body
Some Body 6 саат мурун
Warner Brothers...Matrix Resurrection...Fans... Matrix erections! 🤣
Muhammad Izzat
Muhammad Izzat 6 саат мурун
i have serious question here, why gotham city always dark and their lamp not bright
Buck Futter
Buck Futter 6 саат мурун
Is that Doug Walker at 1:35? God I wish it was...
TheGamingPolitician 6 саат мурун
Mister Algia Critic, we’ve missed you
carl lowe
carl lowe 6 саат мурун
why all the thumbs down for a legend ?
gertjan van der meij
gertjan van der meij 6 саат мурун
John Wick 5
Jay Ryan
Jay Ryan 6 саат мурун
Pretty upset that they replaced Laurence Fishburne, but man this looks good!
Jamie Foster
Jamie Foster 6 саат мурун
Terrifying this is
Elias Alemayehu
Elias Alemayehu 6 саат мурун
So disappointed where is Morpheus... Stil gona watch it tho
K PETITE 6 саат мурун
Idc what nobody say this movie was good asf. Usually scary movies nowadays don’t scare me, but baby let me tell u i was scared it’s really different. Really good movie i recommend 1000%
Troy Hayder
Troy Hayder 6 саат мурун
Oh no.. Not Eduardo.. Anyone but Eduardo...
Isaac Andrews
Isaac Andrews 6 саат мурун
Man, this looks like it’s gonna tank so bad…
Girija Pr
Girija Pr 6 саат мурун
Super vedio
namit kohli
namit kohli 6 саат мурун
I mean.. after more than a decade this comes on KGglobal, why tf would anyone hit dislike on this!? Get a life dislikers.
namit kohli
namit kohli 6 саат мурун
19k dislikes from people who don't agree with replacing Lawrence Fishburne, count me in.
Lokesh Kant Kalmey
Lokesh Kant Kalmey 6 саат мурун
Everyone is flying.
Ryan Soanes
Ryan Soanes 7 саат мурун
In the og matrix films you learn that before Neo there were hundreds of other variants of him, this to me seems like the next variant of neo which obviously won’t have any recollection of his memories from his previous lives, maybe this is his journey to rediscovering he is the chosen one and learning to use his abilities in the matrix again… so stoked for this! Especially to see trinity in it also! If only the og Morpheus and Agent Smith was in it 😭
Antilon 7 саат мурун
haven’t we seen all of this already? Not hyped at all
Vasili Archipov
Vasili Archipov 7 саат мурун
Я вижу Матрице тоже пенсионный возраст подняли. Будем поглядеть. очень интересно, что там понапридумали..
SPACE WALKER 7 саат мурун
This looks more like a John wick movie without all the original characters,....The matrix logo is even different
Almonds Chanel
Almonds Chanel 7 саат мурун
Now make another Game
kyjo 7 саат мурун
I don't think that professional psychologists use the word "triggered" when dealing with their patients. People mostly use it as a derogatory term..
Beth's VanVentures
Beth's VanVentures 7 саат мурун
No. Should have left it alone.
Na No
Na No 7 саат мурун
This is like a parody of the original movies
Sukumar Murugan
Sukumar Murugan 7 саат мурун
The Celebrations 🤩✨❤️
Zac Miles
Zac Miles 7 саат мурун
Lol this movie is horrible. My girlfriend even agreed and she's a james Wan fan. (I even agree that insidious and conjuring are two of the best horrors in recent). But this was .. idk . I mean the idea was interesting but.. I can't tell you how many times the wife looked over at me with that "wtf are we watching" face and she picked this one
J Dub
J Dub 7 саат мурун
I suggest going back and watching as many Warner Brother movies as possible! They aren't called the Warners for nothing!
Fred Schaper
Fred Schaper 7 саат мурун
John Wick 4: matrix resurrections
nagraj 7 саат мурун
Woww.. what a movie series
Larry J
Larry J 7 саат мурун
WTF is this about?
Brandon Bartolo
Brandon Bartolo 7 саат мурун
best trailer ever
SONofgod Jesus
SONofgod Jesus 7 саат мурун
Vivement la sortie
MWolverine1969 7 саат мурун
Introducing… John Wick as Neo
Sauravj4u 7 саат мурун
Is this available in hindi...?
Scrutiny Ng
Scrutiny Ng 7 саат мурун
i guess Morpheus had a son we never knew about 🤔
Vipera Tech
Vipera Tech 7 саат мурун
Palindrome spotted...
Anders Ask
Anders Ask 7 саат мурун
Jezzz, how many cheesy horror flix are they gonna make
CHillZy 7 саат мурун
Really good movie, Different to the first 2 but it keeps it fresh so well done 👍
Phoenix 7 саат мурун
Neo stoping the bullets was so cool to see again! but looks like he's struggling with stoping them
Bernd Pichal
Bernd Pichal 7 саат мурун
Waiting for "Rage against the machine" to start playing.
Abhishek Mishra
Abhishek Mishra 7 саат мурун
Just one word "WOW". Like a dream fulfill.
lonelylooser 7 саат мурун
I watched it today, movie was great, but i didnt like the last scene
Swar Ballo
Swar Ballo 7 саат мурун
1:19 How can godzilla just walk on water
Swar Ballo
Swar Ballo 7 саат мурун
No he is not hes walking on water
Gabriel Elias
Gabriel Elias 7 саат мурун
He is jumping out of the water
Ricardo V. Aliño Jr.
Ricardo V. Aliño Jr. 7 саат мурун
Got my fingers crossed for a good villain like agent smith. 💯
Roland Qorri
Roland Qorri 7 саат мурун
Rick: baby shark what do you see? King shark: new guardian's of the galaxy
Mr Hat Movie Reviews
Mr Hat Movie Reviews 7 саат мурун
Beautiful stylized homage to Giallo films! James Wan knocked it out of the park again with this intriguing bloodbath of a movie!
shamim hossen
shamim hossen 7 саат мурун
Why you will never give up
Danaos 7 саат мурун
2:30 calling it now that's the young version of the architect...Can tell from the chair 😄
Kaio Henrique
Kaio Henrique 7 саат мурун
This movie is far better than expected, there's at least two plot twist, though I found the last one to go a little too far, it still kept me going. What's higher about it is the suspense which starts in scene one and simply never quits. Haven't watched a full suspenseful movie in years.
Chris Oliphant
Chris Oliphant 8 саат мурун
First movie I have been interested in seeing in years. Looking forward to seeing it in IMAX.
Mani Giana
Mani Giana 8 саат мурун
Why thise asians are involved again. Seems that hollywood bought by those yellow man
doyinsola johnson
doyinsola johnson 8 саат мурун
This trailer doesn’t do the movie justice one bit…… Its amazing… I haven’t stopped smiling and crying and been cheesy all day🥰🥰🥰The best movie of this year so far